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Who we are

müvTravel was created by a team of travel enthusiasts looking to cut through the clutter of searching and planning trips online. We have curated the best attractions, activities, restaurants, hotels & shopping experiences in top destinations around the world, all in one place. We’ve also built easy-to-use trip planning tools, to help you create, manage and share your travel itinerary. When ready to book your travel plans, our platform will search and provide the best prices for transportation and hotels, and will even suggest the best time to for you to leave, for better rates.

müv means motion and emotion. We want to move you, and enable you to discover the world, to become a true traveler - not just a tourist. Through our platform, you will be introduced to destinations you never knew existed, and discover unique things to do, places to stay and restaurants to dine in, around the world.

How müvTravel can help

In need of flights? müvTravel will search through dozens of travel sites for the best prices, and connect you with the right travel partner, for easy online booking.

Looking for under-the-radar accommodations? Check out our hotel selection, the müvCollection© and discover unique properties where great quality hospitality is allied to charm, history and design.

Interested in exploring a new city? You can create itineraries for upcoming or future trips, and even build your very own bucket list, and save it in your account.

How it works?

Browse through the top 500 destinations in the world or search for a destination of choice. Explore all you can see and do including attractions, activities, restaurants, nightlife, spas and events. Check out our curated müvCollection Top Hotels in each destination. Filter by your interests, and discover new places. Add them to your bucket list for immediate or future use. Start over again with a new destination


Start planning your trip from the home page or any of our destination pages, with no trip date necessary. Copy a suggested trip to your account, and edit it or start a new itinerary from scratch. Add to and edit your itinerary with a simple click, drag or drop. We will calculate transit times between activities and suggest visit duration time as well. When finished, click on “Optimize my itinerary” and get the best daily routing for your trip


Complete your trip by searching for the best prices for flights, trains and buses. Click “find” and search dozens of websites for availability and best prices. Use the “carousel” for advanced planning and editing, where you can filter and add activities to your trip. The tool also allows users to select which dates they want to plan activities for, along with their mode of transportation and can even add personal activities to their itinerary as well


Share your trip with others for group planning. Allow them to edit the trip, or just view and/or copy it to their own muvTravel account. Share your trip with family or friends, allowing them to follow your journey, or post it on social media. Finally, keep your itinerary for future reference, and share it with friends who would like to follow in your footsteps, or to use as a starting point for their upcoming travel plans